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The concept of the USM Haller storage system is based on three basic construction elements: a ball, connecting tubes and panels to create a custom design for each individual need.

From storage furniture to bookshelves: the origin of modularity is a chrome ball joint. From there, chrome tubes and metal insert panels allow whatever the user imagines to come to life.

USM Modular Furniture Haller opens enormous freedom in design. Freestanding as a room divider or precisely fitted as a supplement to the architecture – it adjusts to the user in form, function and colour.

Understatement coupled with a wealth of functionality allow the design classic, ennobled as a "piece of applied art," to remain timeless. Its constantly adapted accessories ensure that it keeps pace with the times.

Dynamic in its form, stable in its value: USM Haller: Materials of the highest quality, solid construction and flexibility create added value as a future-oriented system.